I’m Mike K. Tatum.

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What I love about growth marketing is that it goes beyond thinking about marketing in a single channel, like Google Ads, and involves looking at the full funnel to find the best way to drive more revenue. That may mean running an ad campaign, investing in SEO content for organic traffic, or building a referral program. The right answer is different for every company and I enjoy finding the right mix of tactics.

I currently work on the Demand Generation team at SurveyMonkey where I am building an automated inbound marketing strategy that has already created 0ver $2M in pipeline for their CX product.

Prior to that, I built a demand generation system at Kinsta that increased new customers per month by a ridiculous 1,170%. I’m not going to blindly say I can do the same for you but with the right strategy and tools, we can at least get close or potentially do even better.

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How I got here

My demand generation journey started at Compass, a tech company with ambitions to disrupt the residential real estate industry. I was one of the earlier marketers brought in to help them grow awareness of the brand in Boston, MA in order to help recruit top agents. In service to that goal I also had to make sure that when top agents joined that they won more listings and sold more homes with Compass than their previous brokerage. In my time there I managed a $130,000 multi-channel brand campaign that went on to help Compass win dozens of listings and achieve a 500% ROI with revenue driven from these won listings.

After that I joined GoCollect, a consumer SaaS company that was building a data-driven price guide for collectables like comic books. I managed paid acquisition there where I built and optimized Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Bing ad campaigns to acquire new users. GoCollect operated on a freemium model with a paid tier and they also received affiliate revenue for traffic they drove to eBay and other online auction houses. In this situation it was less about volume and more about making sure we had a clear understanding of the value of a free user and what our free-to-paid conversion rate looked like. Using that data I made GoCollect’s paid acquisition profitable and paved the way for them to double the size of their team within a year.

Then I was offered an opportunity to join Kinsta, a web hosting SaaS company. In that role I built their demand generation funnel from scratch. Using HubSpot Marketing Hub and collaborating with their web development team I built an inbound marketing system that helped them achieve a 1,170% increase in new customers per month. They had committed to SEO early on which got them to nearly 2M unique pageviews per month. I optimized their blog posts with an animated CTA that went on to drive thousands of demo sign-ups per month (see an example here). Using HubSpot I created high-converting lead nurturing workflows and a lead scoring system that opened up even more revenue by bringing in and identifying which leads were ready (and worth sales’ time) and which leads needed to continue being nurtured further to get them to that point (see a video of my presentation at G2 Reach).

Most recently I’ve landed at SurveyMonkey and I am helping them build a lead nurturing system for GetFeedback, a newly acquired customer experience platform. They were impressed with what I built at Kinsta so now I’m building the evolution of what I built at Kinsta for a brand new customer in a new industry.

The tools i use

I’ve employed a variety of tools in the pursuit of generating demand and nurturing leads but my #1 has always been HubSpot and I’ve spent my entire career building inbound marketing programs with it and making it the center of every demand generation system I’ve built. I’ve used a few other marketing automation platforms in my career but I’ve always come back to HubSpot as my go-to. If you’re not a HubSpot user and want to work with me don’t worry I’m naturally curious about marketing technology and there’s probably nothing out there that I haven’t gotten my hands on.

When it comes to video I’ve found considerable success running webinars on Zoom and on24 while automating the registration and follow-up for attendees and no-shows.

For video marketing I’m a big fan of Wistia because of it’s deep intergrations with most of the marketing and sales tech on the market. While I was as Kinsta I actually built an automation for a video course we created that would track wherever users stopped watching and send email follow-ups to get them to pick back up where they left off.

I know nowadays people are very concerned with privacy, but I’ve also worked with a couple data enrichment platforms like ZoomInfo, Clearbit, and People Data Labs to fill out lead data we don’t end up capturing at the point of conversion.

on LinkedIn

I’ve become a bit of a digital minimalist these days so the only platform you’ll really find me active on is LinkedIn. I regularly share my thoughts on everything from marketing to remote work to big tech and the list goes on.