Recommended Tools

I’ve worked with a lot of marketing automation platforms and nothing provides the right mix of being powerful and being easy to use like HubSpot. It’s intuitive design lets you build automation fast you can remain agile. Their native CRM is popular among sales ad they have a seamless integration with Salesforce for those with slightly more complex sales cycles.

The cool thing about SEMRush is that while they started as a keyword tool they have expanded to become a swiss army knife of marketing tools. It now helps with SEO, content marketing, market research, and social media in addition to helping you optimize your paid search campaigns.

Landing pages can be an underrated part of paid acquisition because people put a lot of their focus on the ads. This is a huge missed opportunity because where you drive people to is just as important as the ad that got them to click. Unbounce has created what I consider to be the best landing page builder on the market that helps you get more conversions without spending more money on ads.

I’m not a designer which is exactly why I love Canva. I can create most of the design assets I need without having to pay a designer. When you need simple things that you’re going to need often like featured images for ads, emails, and blogs Canva is the perfect solution to quickly get these things done. That way you can save your budget for designers for more complex elements that are worth it. I probably use Canva at least once a day so I’m a huge fan.

One of the biggest barriers to digital growth at a lot of the companies I’ve worked with is that the development team owns the website and not the marketing team. Meaning that in order to make changes or run tests you have to put in a request to the development team and have a business case for why they should spend time doing what you need done. It’s inefficient and unnecessary in most circumstances which is why I’m so glad Webflow changed that buy building a website platform with all the flexibility developers need but user friendly enough that marketers like me can do what I need to do to drive web conversions on my own.

If you would rather host your website on WordPress that is also a great option that could give your developers and marketers equal access to own the website with the correct set up. I like hosting simple sites on WordPress because it can be more economical than something like Webflow. This site is actually built on WordPress and I host with Siteground because they strike a really good balance between cost and good customer service if you run into any issues.

Now I may be a little biased on this one because I worked on the Kinsta marketing team previously but I got a first hand look at how they built their WordPress hosting infrastructure and can say with 100% confidence if you have a site that demands a lot of resources like an ecommerce store or a membership site Kinsta is the way to go. They live and breathe performance and you won’t find better customer support anywhere else.

When video is a part of your process Wistia is an amazing tool that gives you detailed analytics on what percentage of the video was watched and they have a lot of integrations that let you use that in your marketing automation. They can get a little expensive so if you have a lot of videos that you host I’d save it for more high-intent content like product demos.

When it comes to videos where I’m not going to do any automation based on watch analytics Vimeo is my go-to. It’s perfect for things like marketing content or help videos that you need a place to host. I find the ability to customize the video player a big reason why I tend to choose Vimeo over hosting videos on YouTube.

I usually recommend doing your email marketing from a more robust marketing automation tool like HubSpot, but if you don’t need all of that functionality and want a pure email marketing tool I’m team ConvertKit. They understand what works today in email marketing is emails that feel personal and not like an ad. They’ve built an easy-to-use platform that makes creating high-converting emails with simple automation incredibly easy.

This is more of a sales tool, but if you’re looking for a meeting scheduling tool that will make a leads transition from marketing to sales seamless you’ll really like Chili Piper. It was made for needs of large sales teams and if you’re looking to see more pipeline created from your marketing efforts Chili Piper is a smart way to get there if you’re a marketer.

This isn’t a marketing tool at all but it’s been a game changer for my productivity so I wanted to throw this in as well. I get a lot of questions around how I manage to hold a full-time job, do work for clients, and create content and this is my secret weapon. I have my own productivity system and Todoist makes it easy for me to execute on that strategy with is beautiful UI and ability to quickly capture and prioritize new tasks as they come in.